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Introducing the world’s finest ready-to-drink cocktails, inspired by the signature drinks at Hard Rock.

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Turning IT UP TO 10%

Introducing the ultimate party starters! The new Hard Fruit Punch flavours deliver a zesty explosion with a hint of coolness, packing a punch that refreshes like a summer breeze. Available exclusively in 500ml cans, each boasting a stronger 10% ABV pour, these cocktails redefine delight with every sip, setting a new standard for flavor-packed, high-octane enjoyment in Australia.

Hard Fruit Punch Cocktails

Lime & Mint

Introducing the Lime & Mint Hard Fruit Punch – a zesty, invigorating fusion that tantalizes your taste buds with a refreshing citrus kick and a subtle hint of mint. Packed in a 500ml can with a robust 10% ABV, it’s the ultimate choice for those seeking a punchy yet light libation.

Passionfruit, Ginger & Lime

Dive into the tropical delight of the Passionfruit, Ginger & Lime Hard Fruit Punch – a harmonious blend that transports you to sun-soaked beaches with every sip. This 500ml can of goodness boasts a punchy 10% ABV, delivering a flavourful experience that Australians will adore, combining the tang of passionfruit, zing of lime, and a spicy ginger twist!

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